Metrology Law China

. Article 35 This Act shall enter into force on 1 July 1986. The metrological test shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions relating to metrological tests. National regulations on metrological testing are formulated by the Department of Metrological Administration of the State Council. In the case of certain instruments not included in the national regulations on metrological verification, the competent departments of the State Council and the metrological administrative departments of the people`s governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly subordinated to the central government formulate departmental and local verification regulations, respectively. These verification regulations are submitted for registration to the Department of Metrological Administration of the State Council. Chapter IIIAministerial control of measuring instruments Article 23 Anyone engaged in the manufacture or repair of measuring instruments without the “Measuring Instruments Manufacturing Licence” or the “Measuring Instrument Repair Licence” shall be sentenced to cease manufacture or cease its activities, illicit profits shall be confiscated and may also be fined. The State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) is the highest ministry of the NIM. SAMR`s tasks include:Responsible for the complete regulation of the market. Responsible for the uniform registration of market entities. Responsible for organizing and directing a complete pursuit of market regulation.

CHAPTER III ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL OF MEASURING INSTRUMENTS. Article 18 Self-employed persons or traders may manufacture or repair simple measuring instruments. Article 117 Anyone who violates and speculates on the laws and regulations governing the control of monetary, foreign, gold and silver affairs or industrial and commercial affairs shall, if the circumstances are serious, be sentenced to imprisonment or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years, and may be sentenced in addition to or instead to a fine or confiscation of property. Article 15 Undertakings or institutions which manufacture or repair measuring instruments shall inspect the measuring instruments manufactured or repaired to ensure that the metrological performance of the devices is qualified and shall issue product certificates for qualified devices. The metrological administrative services of the people`s governments above the county level carry out inspection and quality control of products manufactured or repaired. Article 25 Anyone who manufactures, repairs or sells unqualified measuring instruments shall have his illicit income confiscated and may at the same time be liable to a fine. Article 30 A metrological supervisor who violates the law and neglects his duty shall be subject to criminal investigation in serious circumstances, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Criminal Code. If the circumstances are minor, he is liable to an administrative penalty.

The types of measuring instruments that can be manufactured or repaired by self-employed workers or traders are determined by the Department of Metrological Administration of the State Council, which also takes measures for their control. Article 9 The metrological administrative services of the people`s governments at the county level or above shall require verification of public standards, final measurement standards used in departments, enterprises and institutions, as well as working instruments used for the settlement of business accounts, safety protection, medical and sanitary work. or environmental monitoring, which are listed in the mandatory inspection catalogue. Measuring instruments that have not been subjected to the prescribed tests and measuring instruments that have been tested and found to be unqualified shall not be used. The catalogue of functional measuring instruments subject to compulsory control and the management measures for these devices are determined by the Council of State. Article 33 Measures relating to the administration and supervision of metrological work in the People`s Liberation Army of China and units under the authority of the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Commission shall be determined separately by the State Council and the Central Military Commission in accordance with this Law. The International System of Units and other units of measurement adopted by the State are the national legal units of measurement. The names and symbols of national legal units of measurement are promulgated by the Council of State. Article 13 If an enterprise or body which manufactures measuring instruments undertakes to manufacture new types of measuring instruments which it has not previously manufactured, such measuring instruments may not be put into service until the metrological administrative service of a people`s government at the provincial level or above has verified and found qualified. The NIM hosts 9 research departments, Time and frequency, Length, Thermophysics, Mechanics and acoustics, Electricity and magnetism, Electronics and information technology, Optics, Ionizing radiation, Chemical metrology and analytical sciences, as well as 7 research centers, Advanced Metrology Center, Engineering Center, Reference Materials Center, Strategic Development Center, Medical Metrology Center, Environmental Metrology Centre, Energy Metrology Centre.

Article 17 The use of measuring instruments shall not affect the accuracy of measuring instruments and/or prejudice the interests of the State and consumers. The plan was designed to consolidate metrological foundations, improve metrological capacities, promote global metrological development and promote high-quality economic and social development. Article 24 Any person who manufactures or sells a new type of measuring instrument which has not been tested and found qualified shall be ordered to cease the manufacture or sale of that new product. His illegal income will be confiscated and he may be fined at the same time. Article 20 The metrological administrative department of the people`s governments at the county level or above may, according to their needs, establish metrological verification bodies or authorize metrological verification institutions of other institutions to carry out mandatory inspections and other verification and verification tasks. Article 14 Without the permission of the Department of Metrological Administration of the State Council, measuring instruments with non-legal units of measurement abolished by the State Council and other measuring instruments prohibited by the State Council may not be manufactured, sold or imported.