Msjc Transfer Requirements

A minimum grade C (2.0) or higher is required to obtain a diploma with CSUGE. The student must check the main and surrogacy requirements of the CSU program. ZONES “A1, A2, A3” and “B4” (CSU Golden Four) require at least a grade of “C” and must be completed before applying for UHC. If a student has completed a Golden Four course in a CSU where a C grade is acceptable to certify a Golden Four range, MSJC will recognize the C grade when taken in a CSU according to CSU EO 1100 ( Title 5 states that California Community Colleges (CCCs) may use plus and minus grades, except that the C- cannot be awarded by a CAC, but is accepted when taken in a UHC. This is not required for IGETC, but for the CSU diploma. This UHC completion requirement can be met before the transition or taken at UHC after the transfer. Students must submit an evaluation request for a full course review that is transferable and can be used for a degree or certificate. ATTENTION: The ultimate responsibility for a successful transfer program rests with the student.

This information changes frequently and can affect students` admission to university. It is strongly recommended that students meet each semester with a transfer center advisor AND technicians to confirm the student`s choice of courses and educational planning. The transfer center hosts annual academic fairs where representatives from various CSU campuses, UC campuses, and private universities are available both in-state and out-of-state to answer questions about admission requirements, majors, housing, financial aid, and more. Please meet with an MSJC consultant for any questions regarding the transfer and IGETC. Please note all references to “CSU or UC requirements only” while following the IGETC model. Mt. San Jacinto College has articulation agreements with UC. These articulation agreements inform students of the courses that will be transferred to UC and are available on the following website: CSUGE can be used for all Associate for Transfer (ADT) degrees and other transfer degrees at MSJC. These degrees require at least 60 semesters of CSU transferable units with a minimum GPA.

of 2.0 and at least 18 units under a specific transfer programme. All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher or equivalent. The IGETC model is not recommended for all transfer students. The IGETC model is most beneficial for transfer students who have not yet chosen a major or campus. Once a student has identified a major, it is important to prioritize completion of all required major preparation courses, especially in “high unit” majors that select candidates based on meeting the lower league`s key requirements. If a student pursues a major that requires extensive preparation for lower divisions, they may be best served by taking courses that meet the CSU requirements for general education or general education on the specific UC campus or college to which the student wishes to transfer. The IGETC model is not a good option for students who intend to move on to a high-unit major, or that requires extensive preparation for lower divisions, such as many STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) majors. The student should contact an admissions advisor or representative on the CSU or UC campus to which they wish to apply to find out if it is advisable to complete the IGETC template.

CSU Executive Order 1036 encourages campuses to use evidence of military training to meet AREA E (Lifelong Learning and Self-Development) for their students who enroll without prior GE certification. Experienced students can demonstrate completion of basic education as indicated on the discharge documents, Form DD-214. All CSU sites have chosen to honor CSUGE transfer certifications that meet AREA E (Lifelong Learning and Self-Development) with Form DD-214. For students who wish to apply for a CSU, most of these places require the transferring student to complete their first and second year (lower division) levels at the community college prior to transfer – we call this “upper division transfer” because the student will enter the CSU at a junior (upper) level after acquiring at least 60 transferable credits. Students earn the 60 transferable units by taking courses that meet: Transfer Admission Guarantee Programs (TAG) MSJC has Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreements with UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz. While criteria vary from campus to campus, this is a great opportunity for MSJC students to ensure their transfer to one of these universities. Choose a course for 3 semesters / 4 trimesters units required. Students who began taking courses at the MSJC prior to fall 2021 and retain catalogue rights may meet previous CSUGE requirements. Every effort is made to keep this information up to date. Transfer and articulation are continuous processes and courses are subject to change with this option.

Please use this information as a guideline and contact a university representative or MSJC consultant if you have any questions. Students are encouraged to attend for current CSU and UC preparation requirements for transfer and approved general education courses for MSJC. Students are encouraged to meet with a counsellor to develop a comprehensive education plan. The CSUGE certification is completed by the CCC from which the student is transferred. Certification of the lower division`s CSUGE requirements is fulfilled by the completion of all areas of general education. Students can apply for CSUGE certification through registration services. Completion of all CSUGE requirements meets the lower divisions` general education to progress from a California Community College (CCC) to a California State University (CSU). RANGES A1, A2, A3, B4 (CSU Golden Four) require grade C or higher. A D grade is allowed in other areas of general education. The CSUGE is accepted by some private institutions. Option C: Also called IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum), it is mandatory for students interested in CSU, UC, out-of-state and private schools.

Students who follow this model must complete all AREAS 1 to 6 of general education by successfully completing a course in this AREA or by completing their general education skills through external examinations. Students must complete ALL AREAS OF IGETC with a grade of “C” or better to meet admission requirements for UC. In addition to completing Option C, students must also meet the key requirements of their student program in order to work towards an associate`s degree. To successfully satisfy the requirements of an associate`s degree for transfer, students must complete at least 60 transferable semester units with a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 2.4. The total number of units of the IGETC is 37 units. Transfer Workshops The Transfer Centre sponsors a variety of workshops to help students with useful information about transfer. Common topics include: the basics of learning transfer, research on TAG agreements, attending a private university, writing a personal statement, and applying online at CSU/UC locations. NOTE: Please confirm UHC minimum requirements for certain majors and programs.

Students can refer to ASSIST for the main preparation of UHC. The UCLA Transfer Alliance (TAP) program gives specialized students the opportunity to improve their ability to transition from MSJC to UCLA at the junior level. Students are certified at MSJC upon completion of the honors enrichment program and are prioritized for admission to UCLA.