Office 2013 Gebraucht Kaufen Legal

For many companies, the legal situation when buying used software still seems opaque and ambiguous. Wrongly, because both the European Court of Justice and the BGH have taken clear decisions on this matter. For example, the European Court of Justice has ruled that software can be resold with an unlimited user license. A BGH decision also ruled that software can be sold even if it was originally acquired as a volume license. Companies therefore do not need to have legal concerns. However, you should contact a reputable used software reseller. The office program received a new dress only in certain places. This applies, for example, to the ribbon interface, which has been integrated since Office 2007 and introduces the many program functions of Excel and Co. at scale. The bottom line, however, is that the work tools have hardly changed compared to Office 2013.

Many users also find it distressing that programs can only be installed completely. In the professional version, Publisher and Access are also downloaded automatically. Additionally, the installation directory can no longer be selected. Many also consider the fact that unused parts of the suite can no longer be deleted after installation to be annoying. This does not outweigh the new search option in the form of an input field. On the other hand, it lacks a useful synonym search, a Cortana dictation feature, and a reliable spell checker. Used Microsoft Office: Use all the benefits of used software with Softwarebuddies and buy your licenses for used and absolutely legal Microsoft Office at a reasonable price! So-called used software generally comes from companies with a larger number of employees who use Microsoft software. This software can be declared “used” when it is resold for several reasons: first, it is a surplus of software or software licenses of the company that becomes available because jobs are eliminated or restructured; On the other hand, it often happens that older software versions are no longer supported by a system change, but this does not affect their general functionality, for example when updating the operating system, or even if completely different software is used throughout the company.

Similarly, software licenses are often no longer used in insolvency and are therefore sold. Often, used software is also really unused, because excess licenses come from a volume license. The most important innovation in Office 2013 was the SkyDrive online hard drive, which Microsoft renamed OneDrive in 2014. All documents can be stored and edited there. Office 2013 offers 7 GB of cloud storage. This allows you to access your data on the go from your computer, tablet and smartphone. It doesn`t matter if you choose the Home & Student, Home & Business or Professional version. You can open your presentations, tables or texts stored there quickly and easily with a single click. Because then the corresponding Office Web App is automatically loaded for your mobile desktop. Another advantage over Office 2010 is the connection to LinkedIn and Facebook. Read the status messages of your corresponding social media contacts on Outlook and also manage your communication partners on Skype with the email program. The handy feature that allows you to edit and share your documents with others is also on board.

If individual dealers or individuals nevertheless warn against purchasing second-hand software, arguing that this is illegal and will be prosecuted, you, as a Wiresoft customer, can be sure that this claim does not correspond to the applicable jurisdiction. This also means that contractual clauses prohibiting the trade in second-hand licences have no legal effect.