Sharp & beyond for Legal and Investment Consulting Services

S&B also has a cooperation agreement with Andersen Global, we are the only Andersen Global® member firm in Palestine. Andersen Global is an international association of legally distinct and independent member firms with more than 6,000 professionals worldwide, more than 800 global partners and a presence in more than 183 locations through its member firms and collaborators. Provide our clients with comprehensive services at the highest level; We also offer investment advisory services in collaboration with leading companies in the field. Sharp & Beyond for Legal and Investment Consulting Services (S&B) was founded in 2017 in Ramallah – Palestine. Although it is a newly formed firm, it consists of experienced lawyers who have practiced law in various fields and have provided legal advisory and investment services to local and international organizations. S&B specializes in various areas of law, including corporate, employment, investment, real estate, contracts, trade, arbitration, construction, finance, telecommunications, social security and tax law. Its mission is to provide reliable legal services and tailored support to best meet clients` needs, understand their clients` objectives and mitigate risks that may affect the achievement of strategic or short-term objectives. S&B provides quality legal advice and services. Ask now.

Through a practice-based approach to managing partners, you will receive first-class service with every engagement. Your success is also our success; With this mentality at the heart of our organization, you can be sure that you will receive the undivided attention of our team. We pride ourselves on our all-in approach, which deploys and leverages our networks to support our customers and contribute to their success.