Wife`s Legal Rights after Separation Philippines

Question: Does she have the RIGHT to take legal action against me (the offended one) after having her affair and leaving me for so long? (For example, what if I find a new relationship?) How much would it cost me to be “legally separated” here in the Philippines? How long will the process take? Here is a list of some of the requirements before applying for a legal separation: How do I apply for legal separation? My husband and I are separated for 7 months. We have been married for 16 years. He is violent and alcoholic. He also has a mental health problem. What must I do? Learn more about legal separation, its legal basis, implications, requirements, procedures and cost considerations. (5) in the case of collusion between the parties to obtain a decision on legal separation; or Among all the separation processes on this list, divorce is not available in the country. The nullity of marriage exists when the marriage itself is not valid from the beginning. The annulment applies if there are reasons during the marriage that could invalidate the marriage. Finally, legal separation cancels a couple`s marital obligations, but not marriage.

Infidelity or abandonment are grounds for legal separation. There may be other considerations. I will send you an email. I have been separated from my husband for about 12 years. He already has another family since we were separated for a year. Since then, he no longer communicates with me and my son, he does not give any financial support or any kind. How do I get legal separation? I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance. As mentioned in a previous post, there are two types of separation: de facto (de facto separation) and de jure (legal separation).

De facto separation is the physical separation of spouses without trial. The duration does not matter. Neither de jure nor de facto separation affects the marital relationship, meaning that both affect the obligation to grant (or apply) both. I have been separated from my wife for 5 years and need advice on how best to handle body separation or cancellation. There were a lot of problems in the marriage and it only lasted 6 months. The last act was when she held a gun to my temple and said she was going to shoot me. I decided at that moment that it was time to leave. I want to start a new life and relationship, but I don`t know where I am legally. My husband got someone pregnant twice, although they don`t live together, because he said he didn`t like the girl. He insisted on arranging our marriage, but I refused to do so because his infertility was causing him so much pain. I would like to apply for a legal separation to protect myself and my children.

I want to know how to approach this. Hi Atty. I have read all the articles on this page. And I would like to advise only on legal separation. My wife and I have been separated for almost 5 years, in our 3rd year she got pregnant again, but the child was mine. In addition, we have 3 children. The fact is that we want to apply for legal separation for child support and continue our lives alone. Is it possible that we both agree? And also, in terms of child support, I always offer their needs like Achool bills etc. every month.

I hope you will respond to that. I also want to know how much it will cost The legal effects or consequences of a separation decree are as follows: The short answer is yes. Your aunt`s advice is valid and well-intentioned, but keeping it secret doesn`t mean your husband isn`t entitled to it. As mentioned above, the lack of consent does not mean that it is not part of matrimonial or joint property, since the money was acquired there after marriage. However, you and your husband can both sign a legal document stating what the money in the bank account is used for and who can access it. All property acquired by you or your husband after marriage will become joint property unless you have a signed prenuptial agreement or the donor (drawn by lot in the example above) explicitly states that it is not part of the joint property. Here are the reasons for legal separation in the Philippines: Hello. I need your help. My husband cheated on me in our own house last year.

I caught him red-handed at home and even took pictures and videos of them while I slept after a long night of drunkenness. My husband wore nothing and the mistress slept in her underwear. I also have other evidence. I applied for cohabitation by regular filing, but decided in a month to file an affidavit of dissent, hoping that he would change his immoral ways and at least be a father to my son.